TypeScript Deep Dive

Learn Professional TypeScript. I've been looking at the issues that turn up commonly when people start using TypeScript. This is based on the lessons from Stack Overflow / DefinitelyTyped and general engagement with the TypeScript community. You can follow for updates and don't forget to ★ on GitHub 🌹


  • Thanks for the wonderful book. Learned a lot from it. (link)

  • Its probably the Best TypeScript book out there. Good Job (link)

  • Love how precise and clear the examples and explanations are! (link)

  • For the low, low price of free, you get pages of pure awesomeness. Chock full of source code examples and clear, concise explanations, TypeScript Deep Dive will help you learn TypeScript development. (link)

  • Just a big thank you! Best TypeScript 2 detailed explanation! (link)

  • This gitbook got my project going pronto. Fluent easy read 5 stars. (link)

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  • I've always found this by @basarat really helpful. (link)

  • We must highlight TypeScript Deep Dive, an open source book.(link)

  • Great online resource for learning. (link)

  • Thank you for putting this book together, and for all your hard work within the TypeScript community. (link)

  • TypeScript Deep Dive is one of the best technical texts I've read in a while. (link)

  • Thanks @basarat for the TypeScript Deep Dive Book. Help me a lot with my first TypeScript project. (link)

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  • Guyz excellent book on Typescript(@typescriptlang) by @basarat (link)

  • Leaning on the legendary @basarat's "TypeScript Deep Dive" book heavily at the moment (link)

  • numTimesPointedPeopleToBasaratsTypeScriptBook++; (link)

  • A book not only for typescript, a good one for deeper JavaScript knowledge as well. link

  • In my new job, we're using @typescriptlang, which I am new to. This is insanely helpful huge thanks, @basarat! link

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  • Microsoft doc is great already, but if want to "dig deeper" into TypeScript I find this book of great value link

  • Thanks, this is a great book 🤓🤓 link

  • Deep dive to typescript is awesome in so many levels. i find it very insightful. Thanks link

  • @basarat's intro to @typescriptlang is still one of the best going (if not THE best) link

  • This is sweet! So many #typescript goodies! link

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