Function parameters

If you have a function that takes too many parameters, or parameters of the same type, then you might want to consider changing the function to take an object instead.

Consider the following function:

function foo(flagA: boolean, flagB: boolean) {
  // your awesome function body 

With such a function definition it's quite easy to invoke it incorrectly e.g. foo(flagB, flagA) and you would get no help from the compiler.

Instead, convert the function to take an object:

function foo(config: {flagA: boolean, flagB: boolean}) {
  const {flagA, flagB} = config;
  // your awesome function body 

Now the function calls will look like foo({flagA, flagB}) which makes it much easier to spot mistakes and code review.

Note : If your function is simple enough, and you don't expect much churn, then feel free to ignore this advice 🌹.

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